• We hire our bubble suits/ archery set in a package basis unless in a group of less than 10 suits/ sets, prices include all gears, bubble suits, cones to mark out the field.
  • Prices may vary due to location and/or specifications.
  • We require a 20% deposit to be made before booking is confirmed. Bookings cancelled within 5 days of booking date will lose this refund. The deposit has to be directly transferred into our account. After the deposit we accept direct transfer, cash.
  • Bubble soccer Perth proudly presenting our new sports and service to public, archrty GOGO, Pool Soccer, Dart soccer and more
  • Please carefully read our terms and conditions to understand how we operate.
  • Below is the pricing for our available packages:

Our Equipment



Our bubbles are top quality to ensure that our clients are 100% safe at all times. Our bubbles are so strong that they could even be used on gravel if they were needed. All bubbles have harnesses and handles so you cannot fall out. Our bubbles are checked before every use so that they are always up to standards.


1.2 metre
bubble suit

(Below 1.5m)

1.5 metre
bubble suit

(1.5m - 1.8m)

1.8 metre
bubble suit

(Adults 1.80m+)

Our equipment and gears are the top of quality to ensure that our clients are 100% safe at all times, full face mask, foam arrows, bows and more.......


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