1Q. What is the minimum age to play?
A. Our current insurance only allows cover for 6 year olds and above.
2Q. What surface is better indoor or outdoor?
A. This comes down to preference but we definitely recommend outdoor during summer and indoor during winter.
3Q. Can we only play bubble soccer?
A. Of course not, there are heaps of things to do with the bubbles. We have a list of alternative games to try after you give bubble soccer a go.
4Q. Do you have insurance?
A. Yes, we are covered for up to 20 million public liability insurance.
5Q. Where should we play?
A. If you have no idea of what parks to use, contact us and we will try and find suitable ones in your area.
6Q. What happens if it Rains?
A. We will contact you to try and re-book. Light showers are fine, but we cannot operate with heavier rain or thunderstorms.
7Q. What should I wear?
A. For your enjoyment we recommend a short sleeve top, shorts or pants and suitable joggers/sport shoes.
8Q. Can I wear soccer boots?
A. No, soccer boots have studs which could possibly damage the bubbles.
9Q. Are there any weight or height requirements?
A. For people under 1.5m we recommend the kid size bubbles.
For people over 1.5m and under 1.8m we recommend adult size bubbles.
For people taller than 1.8m
Or have a bigger frame, we recommend extra large bubbles.

If you have any question or problem, please contact us.