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Channel 9 show: Destination WA - Bubble Soccer Perth

We were approached by Channel 9 and have filmed for the TV program Destination WA.
Let's bump on!!!

Are you a soccer fan and wanting to have fun with something a bit different?

The brand new soccer craze from Europe has now hit our Western shores! This new game style involves all players dressed in full bubble suits. This adds a far more exciting and enjoyable element to the game.

Want to smash into your friends or take your boss on? You can bash and crash into anybody on the field without hurting yourself at all!


Who We Are?

We were the first and largest bubble soccer group in Perth and are the most established , we are expanding our business that we creating more sports activities and games. With ties all over the country we continue to bring the most affordable, high quality service achievable!

What Do We Do? We bring all equipment including arrow , bow, bubble soccer, bunkers, n more to your own location (or one near you) all across Perth.

What Is Bubble Soccer? Bubble Soccer is a new sport; physically demanding, exciting and laugh out loud fun. It involves being strapped into a zorb ball and running around playing a full contact game of soccer. In addition to Soccer, we also run other ‘Bubble games’, including Bulldog, Sumo wrestling, bubble race and more.

What is Archery GOGO? What is Archery GOGO? Archery GOGO is the best new activity that merging with bow, soft foam-tipped arrows n bubble soccer, It will be the most fun that battling each others. The game is played like dodgeball with two teams consisting of five players each or more.

Happy fun outdoor sport make you laugh!

Bump up each other and smash your best mate!

Well trained friendly staff and referee to guide you out.

Professional teams and high quality equipment make you safe and having fun.

We have the best quality equipment and bubble suit for our loyal customer.

Our Equipment

We hire out bubble soccer equipment to anywhere in the perth area!

Our bubbles are top quality to ensure that our clients are 100% safe at all times. Our bubbles are so strong that they could even be used on gravel if they were needed. All bubbles have harnesses and handles so you cannot fall out. Our bubbles are checked before every use so that they are always up to standards.

We provide quality bubble suit, inflatable goals, soccer balls, drinks for all players, sports cones, and our well trained staff.




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